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The cultural characteristics of the nomads can be seen from the yurt

The yurt is the residential cultural form of the nomads on the northern grasslands. After years of development, it has gradually become a model of arch……

日期 2019-12-26

Why are the yurts of Guangdong yurt manufacturers mainly white?

Why are the yurts of yurt manufacturers mainly white? I believe everyone should have seen that the yurt on the grassland is mainly white, but do you k……

日期 2019-12-26

Traditional yurts bring us a new starting point for development

Everyone knows that a yurt is a kind of dwelling house, this kind of house is very good, living in the yurt is very comfortable. However, with the deve……

日期 2019-12-26

Different understandings and evaluations on the formation time of yurts

The formation time of the yurt has always been an issue of concern to the academic community. Many articles and writings on yurt architecture have talk……

日期 2019-11-21

How much does it cost to build a large yurt?

Compared with traditional buildings that are expensive to build, the relatively quicker and lower cost steel-framed yurt has naturally become the choic……

日期 2019-11-21

How to maintain the correct ventilation method for the air in the Henan yurt

The natural ventilation of the yurt is one of the main utilization methods of passive energy saving. In summer, natural ventilation in the yurt can eff……

日期 2019-11-21

Where can there be a custom manufacturer of farmhouse yurts

Nowadays, not only catering owners, but many companies and enterprises have begun to configure specialty catering for development, and some people will……

日期 2019-11-21

The big advantage of the catering yurt is that it is easy to disassemble and assemble

Test data: according to the traditional profit model of the enterprise and the traditional sales channels of core products, set up the network target c……

日期 2019-11-18
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