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The big advantage of the catering yurt is that it is easy to disassemble and assemble

The category:COMPANY NEWS  Release time:2019-11-18
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The big advantage of the dining yurt is that it is easy to disassemble and assemble. It is easy to move. Will be opened into a circular wall, the demolition will be folded back to the volume of Hana, but as the wooden planks of the ox and the carriage. A yurt only needs two camels or a two-wheeled vehicle to be transported and covered in two or three hours.

Features of Yurt:
1. The big advantage of the yurt is that it is easy to disassemble and move, and is suitable for nomadic economic life. One can only be taken away by two camels or a car, and can be covered within two to three hours. "Once again, you can get local materials and make them on the spot, and folk craftsmen can also make them. In addition, although the yurt looks small, it has a large area of use, indoor air circulation and lighting conditions are good, warm in winter and summer It is cool and not afraid of wind and rain. It is very suitable for nomads who often go grazing.

2. The yurt is located in the southeast. "This ancient northern grassland advocates the sun and the custom of morning sun." But this southeast habit is not only a belief, but also a belief in resisting severe cold and heavy snow, including the wisdom and creation of grassland adapting to the natural environment because they live in the high cold. Regions, there are more northwest winds in winter;
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3. The yurt has a unique shape and a timing function. This is a main feature that distinguishes Y from other living rooms. The yurt is completely ecological and environmentally friendly.

The Mongolians bring convenience to the nomads: quickly hide: bring the yurt, whatever season, wherever. As long as the ground is flat, the surrounding water plants are fine. A yurt is a combined house, each component is separate, a woman can build it. "Go to a new place, take it off the car or camel, wait for a fire to make tea, and a yug will be put on it; easy to disassemble: it is easier to disassemble the yurt than to cover them. The rope and belt are both Living humbly, it is easy to untie. Once the tape is unwound, the felt and the erected wood will automatically separate.