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Why are the yurts of Guangdong yurt manufacturers mainly white?

The category:COMPANY NEWS  Release time:2019-12-26
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Why are the yurts of yurt manufacturers mainly white? I believe everyone should have seen that the yurt on the grassland is mainly white, but do you know why the color of the yurt is mainly white? Next, the editor of Xingshengrong Yurt will introduce you to the traditional Inner Mongolia Yurt.
First of all, Mongolian compatriots believe that white is the mother of all things, symbolizing their inherent simplicity, honesty, whiteness and beauty. "White" in Mongolian means high status, auspicious, blessed, and must not be desecrated or desecrated. Why are the yurts of yurt manufacturers mainly white? White is not only the color of the yurt, but also occupies its sacred status in Mongolian history, culture, customs, laws, language, food, clothing, residence, and even religion.

Then, according to some physical theories, white does not absorb colored light such as black or dark colors, but it is easier to reflect colored light, which can make summer yurts withstand the scorching sun, and the temperature inside the yurts will not be too high, which ensures that the yurts It is cool in summer, warm in winter, and cool in summer.
In addition, the reason why the yurt is white is that one of the important building materials of the yurt is thatch. Thatch felt is the covering of the yurt, which is made of processed wool or other animal hair. Why are the yurts of yurt manufacturers mainly white? Therefore, most of the blankets used on the yurt are made of pure white sheepskin wool, and the whiteness of the sheepskin wool itself is also reflected in the yurt. This also shows that we often see very white yurts from a distance.
Inner Mongolia is the type of housing where Mongolian compatriots live. We often learn about the blue sky, vast grasslands, curved rivers and white yurts on the Mongolian grasslands through many media channels. Why are the yurts of yurt manufacturers mainly white? The yurt is like the blossoming snow lotus dotted on the Mongolian steppe. It is white and flawless. At the same time, it will migrate with our nomadic Mongolian compatriots. It plays an irreplaceable role in Mongolian daily life. As we said earlier, the grassland is dotted with white yurts. The price of yurts is more obvious. The white yurt is the beautiful scenery on the grassland and has always attracted tourists.
White yurts gradually appeared on the top of the mountain.
People's living standards are now very high. Mountain climbing is an ideal choice for modern urbanites to exercise and travel. However, some mountains are relatively high and it is difficult for us to go up and down in one day. This requires us to put the yurt on the top of the mountain. Let us live a comfortable life on the top of the mountain.
Usually we can't see the mountain top scenery. When we want to see the distance, we can see the scenery we want to see. People gradually move towards the place they like, where they can express their love for him. Seeing so many beautiful scenery, I will express my feelings. Why are the yurts of yurt manufacturers mainly white? No matter what the change, there will be some disturbed scenery, no matter how dull the scene is, there will be traces of people on it. All of us have a sense of destruction, no matter what changes there will be, it will give everyone a bad feeling. The future is the connection point between people. Everyone needs a suitable place for leisure and entertainment.