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How to maintain the correct ventilation method for the air in the Henan yurt

The category:COMPANY NEWS  Release time:2019-11-21
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The natural ventilation of the yurt is one of the main utilization methods of passive energy saving. In summer, natural ventilation in the yurt can effectively eliminate indoor heat and maintain a relatively comfortable indoor environment without consuming energy. The ventilation method in yurt buildings is an ancient and simple natural ventilation method. In summer, the yurt is selected according to the terrain, and ventilation is the main choice. Lift the felt covering the bottom of the building to create air convection and open the skylight on the top of the building. Perform a ventilation cycle to lower the temperature in the bag and remove moisture. In winter, the building is located leeward and sunny. Due to the cold weather and heavy snow, only skylights on the top of the building are used for indoor ventilation in winter.
Henan Yurt Manufacturers

Henan Yurt Manufacturers

    Now, the yurt is fixed in a fixed position, and the ventilation method has not changed. In summer, the choice of ventilation will also bring a certain degree of insecurity to the daily life of herders. In summer, the bottom felt around the building is opened and the wind is in the bag. Convection is formed to make the bag cool enough, but the choice of ventilation method also brings a certain degree of insecurity to the herders on the grassland. Birds and beasts on the grassland can easily enter the bag through the open space at the bottom of the bag. When the rainy season comes, the surrounding blankets around the building are not often opened, which greatly reduces the ventilation effect of this ventilation method. Instead, the gap between the bottom of the building and the ground inside the bag causes the ground inside the bag to be exposed to rain. Humidity caused by dampness can easily cause cold air to enter the bag at night: in winter, due to the intervention of grassland climate conditions, the opening frequency of skylights is reduced, and the felt on the outside of the bag is closed, which makes the air circulation in the bag poor. When the performance is low, the air quality index in the indoor environment is low, effective ventilation cannot be obtained, and various harmful chemicals cannot be discharged to the outdoors in time, resulting in deterioration of indoor air quality. In addition, due to the small indoor airflow, various microorganisms discharged by people in indoor life are relatively concentrated in the air or diffuse in large amounts in some corners, resulting in further deterioration of indoor air quality.

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