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How much does it cost to build a large yurt?

The category:COMPANY NEWS  Release time:2019-11-21
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Compared with traditional buildings that are expensive to build, the relatively quicker and lower cost steel-framed yurt has naturally become the choice of investors. In application, it can also provide a comfortable space for catering operations, so the cost of building a large yurt is expensive Do not?

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Large yurt The main body of the large yurt is composed of aluminum alloy frame and PVC cloth, so the material cost is much lower than that of traditional buildings. However, the price of a large-scale yurt venue is determined according to the specifications of the selected yurt. The larger the span and the higher the side height of the large-scale yurt, the higher the cost and price to build, because there is no supporting net span inside the large yurt. Therefore, considering the usability of the yurt, it is necessary to thicken the profile, so that it can provide a spacious environment for dining! The specifications of large yurts are not fixed. Generally, yurts with a diameter of more than 15 meters are considered to be large. The manufacturer recommends that the large yurt be the center, and some small yurts with a diameter of 3-10 meters should be built around it. Of course, the specific specifications should be considered according to the actual application requirements, and the cost of construction, transportation, supporting walls, etc., is about 1,800 yuan per set! Of course, the above prices are for reference only. We will customize a suitable large-scale yurt program according to the actual needs of customers. For example: an outdoor large-scale yurt that simply shelters from wind and rain. We can create a low-cost solution for you without a wall. Of course, like a large venue, even a large integrated farmhouse with thousands of square meters, we can also provide suitable solutions, and the specific cost quotation can be consulted online or contact the Zhengzhou Daqing yurt manufacturer, our relevant business personnel will be based on your needs Calculate accurate quotes! Generally speaking, the cost of building large-scale yurt venues still depends on demand, but it will also be cheaper than building traditional catering buildings, and it is stable outdoors, waterproof and wind-resistant, and has a 20-year history It is the service life, and it can also be used for disassembly and relocation. It is a good choice for building characteristic buildings for farmhouses at present!