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Lele carts, also known as "Halqin carts", "roller carts", "rolling carts", "bull carts", etc., are traditional transportation vehicles used by the Mongolian people. It is usually made of birch wood commonly found on the grassland, and the double wheel is over 4 meters high. It is characterized by large wheels and small bodies, simple structure, and easy to use. It is suitable for running on grassland, snow, swamp and desert. It can load hundreds of catties or even thousands of catties. It can be pulled by cattle, horses, or camels. Herdsmen pull water, pull cow dung, move to the scene, transport fuel, weddings and funerals, transport daily necessities, drive the Naadam conference, and so on. One person can drive three, five, or even more than ten cars in series, so it is called "prairie train". After liberation, it gradually switched to bearing rubber iron wheels. In the past, Lele carts were necessary household items for herders, but they have now been replaced by tractors and cars.

Lele carts are Mongolian ox carts and are an important means of transportation for grassland herdsmen. Due to the uncertain migration of nomads, vehicles became necessary for their transportation. The nomads in northern my country have long had the custom of making cars and cars. There are many petroglyphs of cars carved on the cliffs of Mount Hailes in Urad Middle Banner. According to the research of related scholars: "The style is very similar to that of the Northern Wei Dynasty, with double shafts and two wheels. There are felt tents on the carriages, so you can ride or live."