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The category:RADITIONAL CATERING GER   Release time:2019-11-21
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Buy a farmhouse yurt, and then choose a Shengrong ethnic product manufacturer in Inner Mongolia suitable for dining and accommodation. If you buy all kinds of yurts and look for large manufacturers, you can buy with confidence!
Many people are trying to improve the dining and accommodation in the farmhouse. It seems that the main purpose is to expand its area and improve its comfort. As a result, many brick-and-wood farmhouses for dining and lodging in yurts appeared.
The construction of catering and accommodation yurts is a complex project. This is complicated because the procedure is much stricter than building a brick house. Four big men who don't understand the procedure can't do this in half a day, but a woman who is proficient in this can do it in two or three hours. The farmhouse’s food and accommodation yurts are assembled from many parts, such as pillars, hana, blankets, surrounding blankets, rope buckles and ropes.